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The Banks Profile page lists information pertaining to every bank that has a dealing relationship with the customer.

Banks Profile List
Note: Prior to installing TFO, a batch task was initiated by the Bank's back-office system which identified all the banks found in existing deals related to the customer. These banks comprise the basic list of banks included in your installed version. When a transaction is opened containing a new bank, the full name and address is entered. After receiving the transaction from the host, the bank ID is added automatically to the bank profile.

To view the Banks Profile window, select the Banks option from the Customize menu.
The Banks Profile window includes information on:

Bank ID - The Bank code name.
Branch – TFO always displays by default the head office location of the selected Bank.
Name - The branch name. There may be several branches defined for a bank. To define participant details for a new L/C, select a Branch code from the drop-down list. The full bank name and address is displayed.
Street – The street of the branch.
City - The city of the branch.
Country - The Country where the branch is located.

Note: Bank details may only be modified by the bank's host, although a bank may be deleted from the private bank list by highlighting a bank record and clicking the Delete icon.

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