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To View Deal Details

Click on the + sign to get more information about Deal History.

The Deal History Inquiry enables you to view a deal in detail. To view a deal, select the Deal History option from the Inquiry menu. The Deal History Request Form appears.

Enter the deal number or your reference number as appropriate. Click the Search button to view the deal. If you enter your reference number yoy must also choose deal type in the dropdown list.

The Deal Details appear together with a history of transactions performed on that deal. The deal history allows you to view details entered by you and the bank. This option is only active if you originated the transaction. The transaction can be either an import or export transaction.

The following information may appear together with the deal details, depending on the nature of the deal:

· Original transaction details (initiated by the customer).
· Deal participants.
· Settlement Data
· Deal texts.
· Deal open payment details.
· Deal open acceptance details.
· Deal open finances.
· Deal open margins.

Note: The information that is available in the search results depends on the nature of the particular transaction.

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