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Viewing Deal Texts

To view all related texts for a deal, click on the Text link or scroll down the Request Form until the Texts section appears. These texts may include incoming correspondence from the bank and incoming Swift messages. To view a document, click on its Transaction Name link to the document entry.

The following list describes the fields in the deal history texts window:

· Transaction Name - Describes the type of incoming deal.

· Drw No. - Drawing Number. The Drawing Number is the same as the Transaction Number. It indicates how many actions that have been performed on the deal.

· Document Name - A more complete description of the Document.

· Arrival Date/Time - Tells you when the correspondence was sent to or arrived from the bank.

· Text ID - Explains the type of document entered into the form.

· Send To - the party to whom the text was sent.

Click on the deal listed in the Transaction Name column. The deal text of that transaction appears.

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