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The last part of the Import Letter of Credit application form allows the user to enter additional customized information and requirements to the Letter of Credit. Scroll down from the Documents & Terms section to access these fields. You may also access the Texts section from anywhere in the application form. Clicking on any heading of the Navigation Toolbar that precedes each section will bring you to that section.

The Text section enables you to:· Enter free text to specific categories.
· View and specify account details.

Additional information can be entered for the following categories and may include other custom-defined categories:

· Additional Conditions - Used to enter any additional conditions to the L/C.

· Goods Description - Used to enter a description of the goods which will appear in the beneficiary's invoice.

· Additional Documents - To include additional documents that have not been defined by the bank, enter document details in the free format window.

· Payment Code - Used for Riksbanken in Sweden. 101 from abroad to Sweden, 122 no crossing border.

· Customer Instructions - Used to enter additional instructions to your bank.

You can click on the edit icon to enlarge the text box area. You may edit or enter new data in the enlarged text box.

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