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Open Deals

The Open Deal Inquiry option allows the user to view any deal which has a balance (such as deal balance, payment balance, acceptance balance and so on). To view the open deals window, select the Open Deals option from the Inquiry menu or scroll down the Inquiry page.

Open deal inquiries are made according to the following parameters:

· Open Transaction Types - These are the open types of transactions in the system which have not been completed. They may include: Acceptances, Collections, Payments, L/C.

· Deal Type - Deal Types include which kind of deal and step the deal has. They may include Export Documents of Collection, Export L/C, Import Document Collections, Import L/C.

· Currency - The currency in which the deal amount is expressed. They are the options available to the customer as determined by the Bank.

· Amount Range - The low and high credit limits for deals as set by the Bank.

· Expiry Date Range - from/to (relevant to an open L/C).

· Maturity Date Range - from/to (relevant to an open acceptance and finance).

· Counter party - The corresponding party to the transaction. The Party with whom a contract has been concluded, i.e. client, broker, other branch, H.O., other bank or a department.

The top of the report lists the search criteria that defined the report parameters.

To view a transaction, click the link under the deal number.

To view a list of open deals that conform to a user-defined retrieve criteria, specify the relevant parameters and click the Search button.

· Deal No. - a unique Reference Number specified by the Bank at issuance.

· ISS/EFF Date - The Issue Date is the date on which the deal goes into force.

· Balance - The remaining amount of the deal to be paid.

· Amount in Local Currency - The original amount of the deal converted to local currency.

· Balance in Local Currency - The amount of the deal balance converted to local currency.

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