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The Inbox, is divided to two main areas.

• Situated on the left side of the page, the user will find the Main Menu. From this spot, the user can perform all the main functions of the system.
For example: opening a new L/C, Go to Inquiry, Customize the system and Build new templates and much more.

The right side of the Inbox Page is divided into four sections:
• Incoming Correspondence, where the user can find all the documents that arrived from the bank.
Next to each document there are two icons. These icons allow the user to print or move the document from the arrival list. (This action normally takes place once the user is satisfied that the letters are no longer required to be held on the arrival list)

• Payment Acceptance, where the user may view all the information relating to the payments that necessitates, Payment or reject of import collections.
Next to each Payment, the user will find three icons that are used for Establishing Payment Transaction, Rejecting Payment Transaction and Printing Payment Transaction instructions.

• Signature Required lists all the transactions that require a release signature prior to their transmission to the Bank.
Next to each transaction there are four icons. (If the user is not authorized to sign transactions or if the user is not defined as a supervisor, this icon will be displayed as in-active and the user will view only three active icons).
The first icon allows the user to see who has already signed the transaction and who has yet to sign.
The second icon (if active) allows the user to sign the transaction
The third icon allows the user to reject the transaction. If the user does reject the transaction, all previous signatures for this transaction are deleted and the transaction reverts to "Transactions in Process" status.
The forth icon allows the user to editing the transaction. If a transaction is being edited the user will receive a warning that all previous signatures are about to be deleted. Should this happen, the transaction will revert to "Transactions in Process" unless the user re-signs the edited transaction once again.

Transaction in Process allows the user to view all incomplete transactions that are open and require either a signature or the entry of additional data before it is sent to the bank.

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