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L/C Documents and Terms

This part of the Import L/C form is divided into two parts.

The first part contains the deal's terms. Each term has specific responses in the drop down list next to the term. Select the appropriate response for each term.

The second part contains the deal's documents. To add a document, highlight the preferred document and click on the arrow button. After adding a document to the required list, the user must specify how many copies of each document that is required. To delete a document highlight the document under documents requiered and click on the other arrow button.

The document description list includes the number of document originals and copies required.

The following list describes the terms and document descriptions for the L/C:

· Transferable L/C: - The L/C may be transferred to a secondary Beneficiary according to the terms listed in the document.

· Partial Shipment - Is partial shipment allowed or not?

· No. of Orig Tran Doc Rqrd - This number of originals is required to be presented. Enter the correct number.

· This L/C is Irrevocable - Invariably a L/C is Irrevocable unless all parties to the deal agree.

· Transhipment - The shipment can be sent to other locations en route and reloaded.

· Transport Doc. Marked - The options are freight collect or freight prepaid. The incoterm decides which to choose. For exemple FOB = Freight collect.

· Confirmation - As requested by the beneficiary.

· Requested Documents - Lists specific documents related to the L/C.

· Document ID - This usually refers to the L/C number.

· No. Of Originals - This may differ from customer to customer. Often, for example, two copies are provided to the bank and one accompanies the shipment.

· No of Copies - Subject to the customer's requirements.

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