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Overview of Amending an Existing Letter of Credit

Customer-initiated L/Cs which have been transmitted to the Trade Finance department and subsequently issued by the bank are listed in the Amend Existing L/C Window. To view this list, choose the Amend Existing L/C option from the Import menu and select the required transaction.

To view the deal, click on the deal title which is orange and underlined. No changes can be made to the deal from the view mode.
There are two ways of retrieving a Letter of Credit in order to amend it:
• Edit a L/C that was previously amended.
The L/Cs that were previously opened appear in a list on the right portion of the page. To edit one of these deals,
• Click on the Open Icon next to the deal you wish to amend. The specific deal next to that icon opens with its application form filled in.
• Enter the Deal Number or the Reference Number of the L/C that you wish to amend in the Search field on the bottom of the screen. Click on the Search button. The L/C appears

To modify select a field and enter the new information or select from a drop-down list.
When you are finished, click Sign.

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