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Account Details

The Customer Account Details Window enables you to instruct the bank how to make a payment for various L/C items such as the documents, bank commissions and charges. Payment can be expressed in local and foreign currencies, or in general currency terms.

To specify account details according to the payment item (All or Local and/or Foreign currency) fill in the following fields:

· Payment Item - This provides three choices.

· Principal and charges - means that the documents can be paid in the Local currency or in a Foreign currency.

· Account Type - Select the Account Type for each payment item from the drop-down list.

· Account No. - Choose account

By pushing the template button, you will save the entered application form so it can be used for future applications.

When all the L/C details have been entered into the application form, click on the Sign button. The system will run internal checks to make sure the information is entered correctly. If any errors exist, you will be notified about each error and given an opportunity to correct them.

When the L/C form is correctly completed the signature block appears.

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