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Deal Participants

The Participants form enables you to define the Beneficiary and Advising Bank.

Note: The initial TFO installation includes a list of all the parties and banks which were included in previous transactions with the bank.

The following list describes the fields in the Participants section:

· Beneficiary and Advising Bank Details - Specifies the Beneficiary and Advising Bank name and location details relevant to the L/C. Enter the Beneficiary or Advising Bank details in the respective blocks. The user may select a Beneficiary or Advising Bank by entering a code number or by filling in the name and location details. If the code is entered in the database, the name and location details appear automatically when the code is keyed in. If the required Beneficiary or Advising Bank code does not exist in the database, leave the code field blank and type the full name and address of the Beneficiary or Advising Bank in the fields provided.

· Code - The database codes that identify the Beneficiary or Advising Bank.

· Name - The beneficiary or Advising Bank branch name. There may be several branches defined for a beneficiary. To define participant details for a new L/C, enter the full Beneficiary or Advising Bank name.

· Street - The Street name where the Beneficiary or advising Bank is located.

· City - The City where the Beneficiary or Advising Bank is located.

· Country - The Country where the Beneficiary or Advising Bank is located.

Default Bank

When a specific Beneficiary is entered in the Participants section, the Advising Bank of the last deal using that Beneficiary together with the currency of that last deal will automatically appear in the Advising Bank fields as Default value.

Note: The beneficiary details are always mandatory. If the advising bank details are not entered, the advising bank will be selected by the issuing bank.

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