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To Initiate a Documentary Collection Deal

To establish a Direct or Regular Documentary Collection, click on the Direct or Regular Documentary Collection Deals link or the Template icon next to the products. The Export Direct or Regular Documentary Collection Deals application form appears.

When you click on the Template Icon an application form with details partly preset and filled in appears.

Before the deal is added to the Release List, the deal must be signed.
To sign the completed deal, click the Sign icon.

General Details

The General Details window includes general information fields required for a Documentary Collection Deals deal.

To complete the General Details section, fill in the relevant fields. Some of these fields are mandatory. They are indicated in Bold on the screen
The General Details section requests the following information:
Amount - Specifies the value to be paid.
Currency - Specifies the currency in which the amount is defined
Deal Number - This field is automatically generated by TFO.
Collection Type - This field describes the terms for releasing the documents. There are several types of collections; for example:
• Documents Against Acceptance - The documents may be released if the drawee signs a draft or Bill of Exchange in which the drawee promises to pay at a future date.
• Documents Against Payment (Sight) -The documents are released only if the drawee pays the full amount in cash.
• Payment By Installments - The documents are released when the drawee agrees to pay by installments.
Send document via - Describes how the documents will be sent to drawee.
Invoices - The invoices included in the collection. At least one invoice must be entered. Insert the number and amount for each invoice. The system verifies that the total amount of all the invoices is equal to the amount of the collection.
TFO validates that all the information has been entered correctly and the mandatory fields have been specified before displaying the next form.
Amount - The amount as listed in the Net Total from the Invoice

To add an installment payment, click the Add button. A new row appears in the window. Enter the Amount and Tenor Days or Due Date, as applicable.

To delete a required installment payment, select the payment entry record and click on the Delete button.

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