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Transaction status inquiry

The first Inquiry option is the Transaction Status Inquiry. This option enables the user to view a list of customer initiated transactions. The Transaction tracks:

· Viewing details about the signatures required for the current transaction.
· Viewing a list of the signatures that have signed a transaction.
· Tracking changes in the transactions.

To view the Transaction Status Request Form, select the Transaction Status option from the Inquiry menu or enter details in the Transaction Status request form that appears when you open the Inquiry section.

Status inquiries are requested according to the following parameters:

· Transaction - This section of the Inquiry describes factors relating to the transaction itself.
· Status -Since each change effects the status of a transaction, this report lists when the transaction changed to the current status.

· Status - This field limits the search to the current transaction stage. Thus, transactions may be identified by what actions were performed on them or in light of what stage they were assigned, for example: In process, Released, Signature Required etc.

· Name - This field identifies the transaction deal type and step.

The Status section requires that a further two fields are entered:

· Date - The date parameter restricts the search to a range of when the transaction changed to the current status.

· Time - The time parameter further refines the date filter.

The bottom of the page shows the search results.
To view a transaction, double-click on a transaction record in the Transaction Status Search Results Table.

· Signature Icon - Click on this icon to see the Signature Details table and the list of those who have sign the transaction.

The following information is provided in the Signature Requirements Table:

· Sign List - The Signature List provides details about the signatures entered in the Deal Request form.

· Required Sign - These fields provide information about the signature requirements for this form.

The Signature List provides the following information:

· User ID - Indicates who signed the form.

· Level - Describes the authorization level of the user who signed the form.

· Date/Time - Shows when the signature was entered.

The Required Signature fields provide the following information:

· Level - This indicates which level officer that must sign the form

· Number - This indicates the number of Users from that level whose signature is required on the form.

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